Yoni Steam Herbs

  • Description

    Yoni Steaming uses the healing power of herbs, flowers and heat to restore balance to our sacred womb. V-steaming is a great way to cleanse the Yoni and uterus. It’s also great for easing menstrual cramps, speed healing and tone after giving birth, helps increase fertility, treats UTI’s, treats infections, detoxifies and it honestly just feels amazing. After a Yoni Steam most women say the feel like a new woman. It allows you to deeply connect with our bodies and its energy. Steaming also releases toxic emotions such as stress, anxiety and tension creating a space for relaxation.
    This particular steam contains 10 natural herbs. Some of them include rosemary, lavender, chamomile , St. Johns Wort, yarrow, rose petals and more. There is enough in this 4oz jar for one steaming session.
  • Benefits

    • Release toxic emotions such as stress and tension
    • Fertility
    • Postpartum healing
    • Menstrual pain and PMS (cramping)
    • Irregular cycles
    • Menopause
    • Deepened connection to your Feminine Essence
    • Speed healing and tone after giving birth
    • UTI and Yeast infections
    • Detoxifies
  • FAQS

    When NOT to Yoni Steam !
    • When you are currently on your menstrual cycle
    • If you have any type of IUD
    • If you are pregnant of think you may be pregnant
    • If you have open wounds or sores around your yoni
    How often should we Yoni Steam ?
    It varies honestly. I personally on steam after my cycle goes off, so typically once a month, Depending on your reason it may be different for you. For postpartum, you can steam up to three times a week to speed up the healing and toning of the uterus and yoni. You must be sure there are no open wounds and that you are no longer bleeding. For normal yoni steaming, two - three times a month is complete okay but totally up to you.
  • Additional Information

    JPEesentials Natural Care Collection promotes the use of natural products to create a healthier, more pure lifestyle. 

    Our products are not tested on animals and do not contain any harmful ingredients. 

    They are handmixed and are free of  paraben, formaldehyde,phthalates, sulfate and non-GMO.

    Because the ingredients are natural each product is environmentally friendly!

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