Rejuvenating Bath Blend

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  • Description

    This bath blend contains a dandelion herb that can be used as skin toner, helps protect skin damage from many things including inflammation. It also contains an herb by the name of Eucalyptus that reliefs cold symptoms but is also has natural antibacterial properties which helps protect the skin. This herb is also great for those suffering from chronic stress. St. Johns Wort, Jasmine , Lavender and Mint are also in this wonderful bath blend. These herbs all play a part in elevating moods in those dealing with depression, promotes healing of wounds and the boosts energy. This bath blend is topped off with rose petals as well.

  • Ingredients

    Jasmine, Lavender, Orange Blossoms, Rosemary, Rose Petals, Hops

  • Refund Policy

    No refund unless damged

  • Directions

    Tie the drawstring to your faucet while the water runs or simply toss it in tub with you.

  • Additional Information

    JPEesentials Natural Care Collection promotes the use of natural products to create a healthier, more pure lifestyle. 

    Our products are not tested on animals and do not contain any harmful ingredients. 

    They are handmixed and are free of  paraben, formaldehyde,phthalates, sulfate and non-GMO.

    Because the ingredients are natural each product is environmentally friendly!

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