A great face moisturizer is essential to any skin regimen. Our new Lotus Face Moisturizer is full of perfect natural ingredients to ensure your skin is moisturized and brighter. It is great for dry skin, dark spots, and treating acne. It is also carefully infused with some essential natural ingredients guaranteed to leave your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated.


🍃Fresh Aloe Vera: treats acne, dry skin, full of Vitamin A and C

🍃Pineapple extract: treats acne, uneven skin tones, dark spots, has anti-aging properties

🍃Grape seed oil: improve your skin's elasticity and softnessAnd more amazing ingredients!


TO USE: Use a pea-size amount. Apply to face and neck. Gently blend into skin. Keep moisture and water out of the jar.

Lotus Face Moisturizer


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