Jpessentials Body Oil ensures the skin stays hydrated and retains moisture. This oil also massages into a non-greasy satiny finish. It is a lightweight blend of sunflower seed oil which seals in moisture, olive oil which quenches parched skin, and 4 other natural oils. 

Body Oil


     To achieve silky smooth and glowing skin, a body oil should be used daily. Our body oil can be used in many ways. Apply a generous amount of oil on damp skin after bathing or showering to seal in moisture. You can also add this body oil into your bath water as well. Afterwards, air dry or pat dry with a towel. This oil is also great to apply after shaving or waxing .

  • Additional Information

    JPEesentials Natural Care Collection promotes the use of natural products to create a healthier, more pure lifestyle. 

    Our products are not tested on animals and do not contain any harmful ingredients. 

    They are handmixed and are free of  paraben, formaldehyde,phthalates, sulfate and non-GMO.

    Because the ingredients are natural each product is environmentally friendly!

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