You May Be Wondering When Your Breakthrough Is Coming

Many of us have experienced a period in our life where everything we could possibly think of went wrong, Some of us have experienced more than one, sometimes even back to back. During these times its so easy to find yourself in a dark space and loose hope. You may dread doing things you used to enjoy, you may question your spiritual or religious relationship, have restless nights, uncontrollable thoughts or even cry frequently. Its all normal. Life can be pretty hard.

A lot times people tell me how strong I am and how they admire me. Sometimes it upsets me because I don’t feel the strength that others see. My mind is constantly overthinking, I’ve had many sleepless nights, experienced appetite loss, sometimes I can’t focus, some days I’m easily frustrated, sometimes I even cry but I’m learning that doesn’t mean I’m not strong. The fact that I keep going and push through to the next day makes me strong. The fact that I don’t look like what Ive gone through makes me strong. The fact that I don’t give upend try to find a solution to whatever it is I have going on makes me strong. This is what makes us all strong. There are going to be bad days and tragedies within our life and that is just something we have no control over.

I often get asked “how do I do it?” Honestly you never know how strong you are until you have no choice but to be strong. Like they say, trouble don’t last always so always remember better days will come. The important thing is that you stay strong through your time of trouble and keep your eyes on the prize, your breakthrough. When I say breakthrough it doesn’t necessarily have to be a big event such as winning the lottery although who wouldn’t want that.

I’m speaking more so on a period in your life when you can take a deep breathe, a sigh of relief. A period where your mental, physical, and/or emotional health is at its best. Things in life have calmed down so that you’re able to take a day or weekend trip to just breathe new air and get from around your usual environment.

Your breakthrough can also be answered prayers. You may be waiting on that promotion at work, to get approved for that car or house, to be caught up on bills, to be financially stable or much more. If you're waiting on YOUR breakthrough keep waiting, manifest your breakthrough and don’t loose hope. On the days where you feel your lowest know that everything will be okay no matter what. My time is coming and so is yours.

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