◦ Shampoo hair

◦ Apply deep conditioner and intensive repair conditioning mask. Leave in for 30 minutes. (Sit under the dryer for better results). Rinse with cool water.

◦ Part hair into four sections. Apply leave in conditioner, curl gel, seal it up butter, and your preferred oil. It’s easier to work your way through sections.

◦ Brush through with Denman brush or your choice of comb/brush . I chose this brush bc it helps my curls POP and I mean POP !!

◦ Style and then let dry. Additional Tip: You can always use your finger and twirl the ends of your hair to define your curls. If hair is already dry just get a spray bottle of water mixed with leave in conditioner and spray whatever part of your hair that needs to be defined and go at it queen !!

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