Taking an Herbal Bath

After a long day of working or taking care of the kids, you might find yourself both physically and mentally exhausted. Finding ways to release this tension and stress you've built up can be difficult especially if your extremely busy from day to day. One of the most effective ways to release some of that stress would be to soak yourself in a nice hot bath. To make that bath even more soothing and exhilarating there are many different types of herbs you can put in to your bath that would do the trick! 

Though the smells are great, bathing with herbs in a hot tub can be medically helpful for you. Depending on the herb of your choice, many of them contain healing properties that sink through your skin by a way of a process called osmosis, others help once you inhale the aroma from each substance. For example, after I exercise I usually feel a great deal of pain so I remedy that pain with Chamomile. It treats pain in the body!

If you find yourself having trouble sleeping, drop some Hops into your bath water. This herb relieves insomnia.  Eucalyptus herbs  help open up your lungs and also helps you breathe better. This is helpful if your kid is sick and can't breathe very well.

There are many other herbs that are equally beneficial for many other reasons like Dandelion Flowers that renew your skin and drives away any ill feelings you may have or when I'm stressed I'll bathe with Lavender which calms nerves and rejuvenates your skin. Just imagine yourself soaking in the herb of your choice that will ultimately take away the troubles you had before you got into that bath. I find it amazing that these products are not prescribed by a doctor but often home grown or found in the food section of a grocery store. These cost efficient home remedies is one of the most natural ways you can satisfy your everyday troubles or needs. Just Warm the water add the herb you desire & WALA your mind and body both begin to enter a world of peace and bliss.

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