Self-care is essentially very important to make time for no matter how busy you are. We spend a lot of our time working, chasing our dreams, taking care of our families and sometimes we’re left with very little time to care for ourselves. Paying attention to  yourself is a must. You never want to burn yourself out and I am actually guilty of this because I’m usually ALWAYS on go. 

Self-care helps you manage anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue and more. There are many things you can do to care for yourself. First, you need to LOVE yourself, treat yourself, date yourself and really just put you first. Make sure you take a break from everything, don’t overload yourself with tasks, errands or favors.`

Here are a few ways you can incorporate self-care into your daily life:

  1. SLEEP. You must try to stay well rested. Studies show that the body and brain functions better when it’s given at least 8 hours of sleep. Even if you can’t get a full 8 hours of rest 6 is always better than two or three right? Also, if you get some free time, put down the phone and take a small nap(try playing some instrumental Jazz music too). I promise everything will be there when you wake up. 

  2. Social Media. Clear tour mind from everything that going on in the world by giving social media a break. Sometimes we get so caught up in our phone more time passes by us than we know. All the tea, celebrity news and horrifying local news can take a toll on us without evening realizing it.

  3. Bubble baths. Whew! I’m not sure about you BUT I love bubble baths. Add your favorite essential oils or bath bomb, play some peaceful and soothing music, light some candles, throw on an eye mask and relax. You may even have a glass of wine or champagne. This definitely helps put your mind in a better place after a long day or work or errand running.

  4. Yoga. Yoga is a very peaceful exercise to practice. I say exercise because it’s not easy at all haha. The atmosphere and positions does allow you to feel more at ease but don’t be surprised if you find yourself out f breathe.

  5. Read. There are so many books out there that gives great advice on how to just live a peaceful life. Sound a little cliché but they’re helpful. Even if you would prefer not to read those types of books just pick a book that interests you whether its romance, horror, history etc.

  6. Day Trip. If your schedule or financial situation allows you to, take a small day trip. As much as we love or friends, family, jobs etc. there is nothing wrong with getting a physical break from everything around you.

  7. Spiritual Cleansing. Lately I have found myself burning sage (smudging). Burning sage is used to clear negative energy and shifting the air element. You can smudge your home, office and even your body. You can smudge before or after company comes over, after moving into a new living space, starting your own business, before or after yoga, returning home from a crowded place and even after a bad argument.  This is definitely a spiritual thing that takes practice and patience. You can do more research on it if it interests you. 

  8. Make a self-date. Like they say, when you look better you feel better. Go get your hair or nails done (or you can do them yourself), get dolled up, throw on some nice clothes and take yourself on a date. You can go to the movies, get a drink, and grab a bite to eat, or do a little shopping therapy. Enjoy your own company.

  9. Toxic Relationships. Throw out those toxic relationships, whether its friendships, romantic relationships or relationships with family. I know it can be hard but pray about it think it through, and make your final decision. Having toxic people around you is damaging to you peace, energy and your life. Even if you find those childhood friends that you love so dearly but you KNOW they are toxic, love them from a distance. We are focusing on self-care and that is hard to do being in toxic situations. 

  10. PRAY. The most important one to me is praying. Sometimes we find ourselves so busy that we may forget to pray but I find it very beneficial. After praying I feel relieved, calm or just back in my element. Ask for a peace of mind, guidance, help removing yourself out of those toxic relationships, control over your anxiety and help removing you out of depression. Stay consistent and have faith.

These are my top 10 ways to practice self-care. Feel free to comment if you would like other ways, would like to share what works for you or if you’ve tried any of these. I would love to hear your experiences.

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