On to the 3rd Trimester

So I did figure out what it was but not a way to control it. It’s pretty much just low blood pressure and it’s nothing they can give me to increase it. I just stay hydrated and try not to do so much. My OB ended up sending me to a cardiologist which resulted in my wearing a heart monitor for a week just to see if my heart was affected by these spells or not. There was a few times where my heart rate was pretty fast but not too bad so we decided to monitor it.

As planned we took Jace to Atlanta on the 30th if September for his procedure. His stay was about 4 weeks and wasn’t exactly what I expected. I thought the rooms would have been more cozy than they were. The bed was a sofa/cot that didn’t even give you the space for one roll and there I was 8/9 months pregnant. While staying there I did have one spell but my mom and grandma was there to help. I also was dealing with low back/pelvic and vagina pain due to her head being so low. So walking was a bit painful to me and id cramp up easily.

One night I cramped so bad I decided to go in the ER to make sure it wasn’t contractions which they were and that’s when they told us her heart rate had variables in it. I was held for a few hours for monitoring and given fluid. They had me agitated and worried because they don’t really do vbacs m(vaginal birth after csection) and kept saying how if baby is distressed they would have to deliver her and it would more than likely be a csection. Aht AHT!!

After another visit there dats later I decide to see if my sons discharge date could be sooner than what it was just because they were saying how great he was doing and to avoid having baby girl in Atlanta. Surprisingly it was approved and we left that date. I’m sure after the scare I gave them the night before they were willing to do whatever to help.

Well we got home that Thursday and I went to get checked per OB orders since I couldn’t make it there in time for the appointment she wanted me to make. Same thing different hospital except they said nothing looked alarming just the trace could be better. They suggested I stay the night but after driving 2.5 hours while being 9 months pregnant and haven’t had slept in my bed in weeks I declined and went home. I agreed to follow up with my OB the next day because I already had an appointment. Then the day switched up on me....

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