!! NO heat challenge !!

Hey ladies! I’m sure most of us have experienced heat damage in some kind of way and if you have you know how it alters your curl pattern. Here’s a challenge that will help you get those curls exactly how they should be. The no heat challenge is just exactly what it sounds like . . . . NO heat .

Don’t get me wrong I love my blowouts mostly to check my length but I honestly hate wrapping it . Also, sometimes we may find ourselves with quick weaves or sew-ins and leaving out a section that’s known as leave out. I personally like leave outs because of how natural it looks but the downside is that because I’m natural, the minute I’m exposed to a little humidity my hair begins to poof. You know what that means. Now I have to flat iron my leave out each day this happens. Frontals and closures are great alternatives but I haven’t tried them myself yet but it’s definitely coming. I wish you queens the best of luck on your journey of no heat.

Here are some ways you can accomplish this challenge.

Braids - Wearing braids is an amazing way to protect the hair overall as long as there isn’t too much tension being applied. A few examples are Box braids, Havana twists, Feed-in braids, and Faux Locs.

Natural Styles - Natural styles are always good because not only does it protect your hair but it’s usually pretty quick and easy as well. Another plus is that there isn’t much tension at all.

Wigs - I must say, wigs have definitely been on the rise for the past few years and I completely understand why. They’re so convenient! It allows you to protect your hair while wearing your preferred style whether it’s long, short, curly, straight, red, or blonde. They also have braided wigs!!

Blow Drying - If it’s absolutely necessary for you to blow dry your hair, just blow dry on COOL. For an easier process I would recommend air drying your hair first. Section your hair in 4-6 sections, apply your preferred products, comb out the sections, twist each section up , let your hair air dry a bit and THEN blow dry 😉.

Trimming - Participating in this no heat challenge won’t just magically repair your hair. A good trim should be done before you start the challenge and in between your styles depending on how long you keep each style in. It is recommended to get a trim every 3-4 months.

Wet Hair - Wet hair is the most fragile. Before doing your natural hairstyle on wet hair try to remember to be gentle so that you won’t cause breakage to the hair you’re trying to REPAIR. This is called mechanical damage and it can be just as bad as heat damage.

Indirect Heat- Not all heat is bad heat. Sitting under a hooded dryer is perfectly fine when setting your hairstyle, hot oil treatments, and deep conditioning. I would recommend not using such a high temperature though. Heat damage is normally caused by applying heat at the temperature of 450F or more.

Lastly, you don’t have to go exactly 6 months without heat. Do what works for you! If you want to do 4 months then go for it. Just remember to take care of your hair after you complete your personal no heat challenge.

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