Natural Sunlight and Your Mood

Have you ever noticed that on days you don't leave the house your mood and energy are a little off? Your probably a little more down than normal and maybe even a bit more moody. What if I told you that one major key to lightening your mood and altering your energy was to bask in a little natural sunlight throughout the day? Of course the sun lights up the earth and gets rid of the dark for us. However, it is also said to be healthy for us in a few different way!

  1. The sun produces Vitamin D to our body which is absorbed by the skin. It helps maintain healthy bone strength and also prevents bone loss. You only need about 15 minutes worth of exposure to natural sunlight to get the amount of vitamin D that you need. 

  2. Natural sunlight helps to improve your sleep pattern. Your brain produces melatonin which tells your body when it is time to sleep. Exposure to sunlight affects the amount of melatonin that is produced. By  the time night falls your brain begins to release the melatonin needed to ease you to sleep. 

  3. Lack of sunlight is also commonly known to affect our mood and mental state as well. Serotonin is a hormone which is released into your brain when you are exposed to sunlight. This chemical boosts your mood and helps your feel more relaxed and in tune with the moment.. Going too long without getting natural sunlight causes Serotonin levels to dip increasing your chances of Seasonal Depression. People experience this mostly during the Winter time when the sun appears less and days are more gloomy because of the dramatic change in the weather.

Times have changed, most people work from home or spend most of there time indoors for other reasons. It is important to remember to indulge in all that the sun has to offer. Even if its only for a short period of time, let the sun shine on your skin and allow it to alleviate some of the pressure and stress you may have built up. If it's cold outside or you simply just may not want to go outside, you can easily spend some time near a window that allows the sun to shine in to get your intake of Vitamin D.

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