My Labor Experience

Friday me and my boyfriend was joking about how we were ready for Zola to get here within the following week... okay maybe we were serious lol. The discomfort that I was feeling from her being so low was driving me crazy. There was a few things my doula had me do to prepare my body for labor and some were ways that naturally induces you.

Me, my boyfriend and the kids went for a walk around the neighborhood right after me taking my primrose oil. Finally made it back inside, ate, kids were bathed and put to but and we were also ready for bed. We were supposed to be having sex because that is supposed to help to but we didn’t make it that far. The most he did was stimulate my nipple LS jokingly which is also supposed to help induce you naturally.

Once I started feeling the contractions I immediately stood up, leaned across the bed and took deep breaths. Usually I handle them pretty good because they eventually stop but these were different. The were intense, longer and back to back. My boyfriend tried to stay up with me as long as he could but I understood he was tired with everything going on so I just let him rest being that I thought it would eventually stop.

I was wrong it got worse. Peeing even gave me contractions. At this point it’s 2am. My bf notices I’m still up, gets up and starts assisting me again with holding my hand, rubbing my back and belly. I’m also using the yoga ball to help cope with the pain. I’m also texting my doula and she tells me it sounds like I’m in labor. As time went on I notified the on call doctor for my OB. He thought the contractions were Braxton Hicks and that I’d probably get sent back home if I came in. He also asked how the baby was moving .

During the contractions it was honestly hard to think about that but we then paid more attention. It took a minute for of to get her moving and because of that we decided to go in. We never went in because of the contractions because I planned on laboring at home.

Once we get there I’m hooked up to the machine to monitor us. The notice the contractions and give me an IV to determine if they are real contractions. Apparently if the fluids stop or slow down the contractions it’s more than likely Braxton Hicks. Well the fluid did nothing for me and so it was said that I was truly in labor...

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