Lunge Into Lavendar Facts

Where does Lavender Derive? 

Lavender, (scientific name Lavandula angustifolia) is an herb that is native to nothern Africa and the mountainous regions of the Mediterranean.

The significance of Lavender

Once it is distilled from the flower spikes it is used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. Oil from this plant is very popular for its sedating effects which may help relax certain muscles. It also has properties that help fight antibacterial and anti fungal effects. 

Forms Lavender can be used in :


-By mouth in doses

-Applying oil directly to skin


-Flavor in food

 Everyday benefits of using Lavender include:

-Pain Reliever- using Lavender through aromatherapy helps relieve your body of symptoms caused by your premenstrual cycle. If you put the oil into a diffuser, shortly after you start inhaling it, you should start to notice alleviation of that pain and maybe even your mood. It also helps alleviate pain from migraines. Many make lavender lemonade for treating the migraines.

-Help With Hair Growth: Those of you who have a sickness like alopecia and deal with different forms of hair loss may find it helpful to use lavender with a combination of other desired oils like thyme, rosemary and cedarwood to help improve growth in those spots again. 

-Healing your wounds: The properties of lavender are very well known to help with minor wounds when applied directly to the skin. The oil is said to contract once applied and helps speed up the healing process. However, it does not only take lavender oil, it should be mixed with vitamin e cream or coconut oil and then apply!

-Reduced Anxiety: Inhalation of this oil shows some evidence that it helps lower anxiety levels.

-Fungal and Antimicrobial Reasons:  Lavender is best known for it's skin healing properties. 

Historically, it has been used to help fight bacterial and fungal infections. It helps more if you mix it with other oils like clove, tea tree and cinnamon oil for direct contact with the skin. 

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