IT's time!!

Now that they have agreed that I was in fact in labor they wanted to check my cervix AGAIN. I swear I was so tired of that and I actually denied my cervix being checked twice two days prior to this day. My cervix was indeed the same, 1 1/2 cm dilated. This was so frustrating because I was there for about 2 weeks and you’d think with all I did and what’s going on at the moment I would have dilated a little more.

The pain was horrible. My contractions went from 0-10 so fast it was ridiculous. They did give me a pain medicine through my IV which helped me some. I was then admitted and sent to another room. Here they monitored the contractions again and we pretty much tried to wait until my cervix opened up more. The next time they checked I was at 4cm.

My boyfriend turned my music on, turned on my flameless candles and comforted me. My water eventually broke which was a gross but exciting feeling because I didn’t experience that part with my son. In fact it felt like it broke a few times lol. I believe that’s when the contractions worsened!!

I wanted to stand being that it’s easy for me to deal with them but I was told I couldn’t. I had to lay down which was pretty absurd to me and made it much more difficult to deal with the pain. I’m sure my attitude was released a bit. Moments went by and the pain got worse. I agreed to get the epidural and I hate it. The doctor then came in saying that the baby didn’t like the spot she was in and that her heart rate was dropping. He confirmed that we were about to have a baby that night.

After 18 hours of natural labor, 8-9 pushes, and a regretful epidural lol our baby girl was born September 21st weighing 6.2 lbs.

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