How to get rid of Dark Marks !

I’m sure most of us have been a victim of dark marks and have tried almost everything to get rid of them?  This is something I struggled with for a while when it came to insect bites on my legs. It was horrible ! I suffered with that more than I suffered with dark marks on my face. I struggled trying find things that worked but wouldn’t be too harsh on my skin and even went to see a dermatologist. I even tried coco butter, shea butter, and the prescription from the dermatologist which was pretty much a skin lightener with so many chemicals in it .

The product that I found to be the most helpful is Bio Oil. It can be purchased from Target, Walmart and even Amazon if you’re more of an online shopper like me. The price can range from $8 - $25 depending on the store you get it from and the size you choose to get. You apply it on your skin 2-3 times a day. You MUST be consistent !! Wishing 2-3 weeks you will begin to see results. This can be used for dark marks on your face or body, stretch marks and old scars. I hope this works out for you. Good luck !! 

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