Faith over Fear

Do you have a dream you want to bring to life or a goal you want to achieve but you may not know where to start or maybe just scared ? Are you worried about not receiving the support you think you may need? Are you scared you will fail? All of those are completely normal emotions to feel but don’t let it hinder you. Heres why:

When you have a goal or dream make sure you have a plan. I have so many notebooks its ridiculous. I write everything down. Write down what you want to do, what you need to start, create a financial plan (if money has to be involved), write down goal dates( what you want to achieve in 6 months, 12 months..), and then put in WORK

Be aware that you may not get the support you expect and the support you do get may not come from those you expect it from. I experienced this and it did in fact hurt my feelings and confused me a little bit because some of them were people I actually shared my ideas and dreams with and here I am doing it and they’re gone. It’s life. You have to remain focused on the bigger picture and know that while you’re on your journey God will replace the ones who turned their back on you with those that you need in your life. Appreciate the ones who do support you without dwelling the ones who don’t. 

If you’re scared you will fail, you’re overpowering your faith with fear. I learned in my reading today that you can’t have love and fear in your heart at the same time. ( I’ll leave that information at the end of the blog) It makes so much sense. Sometimes you just have to go for it and if you fail you get right back up and try again. Take a different approach, find some goal friends that can motivate you and that want to see you rise, pray for guidance and just never give up. 

The last thing I want to touch on is comparison. DO NOT compare your journey to anyone else’s journey, don’t feel bad because they are further than you even if you started before them, don’t feel discouraged because business may be slow for you right now and it and be popping for others. This is your journey and everything will happen at the right time and when the season is right for YOU. Root for them but remain focused. You will win and your time is coming. Also, if you feel you need to start over, take a different approach or change anything DO IT. Its YOUR dream, YOUR brand, and YOUR journey.

I love supporting people who are following their dreams. I haven’t always been in a financially stable position to support by buying everyones goods but I will share some a post real quick lol. 

I had a reading today that helped me clarify do many things. I didn’t know what to write my next blog on so I prayed on it and here we are. If you are interested in getting a reading done her information is as follows: 

FB: Kween Kash

Website :

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