Updated: Jun 11, 2019

So its been 6 months since I started my own small business and I must say I have learned so much. I started in January not really knowing how this thing would turn out. I just knew it was something I wanted to do so why continue to wait, right ? So I decided to just do some research and jump straight in. I put some of my income tax money to use by purchasing my LLC, getting a website and logo created, traveled to Atlanta for a class related to future products I’ll be making, and of course I had to buy the products and ingredients for the products I sell now. 

The first and most popular product I created and sold was my all natural hair growth oil. I started off with 15 bottles for my first batch and then I moved to 30 bottles for the second batch after seeing how well it sold. My third batch I decided to make 100 bottles and boy was that tiring. I figured I’d rather have too many than not enough being that people would still inquire about oil and I had already sold out. I also attended my first pop up shop and actually sold products. I really didn’t know what to expect participating in an event so soon but I was definitely glad I went.

I've learned so for that being a small business owner is definitely a lot of work. There are long nights, brain overloads, trial and errors, and much more. The long nights consists of doing research to find the best quality ingredients needed for a great price, creating the labels, creating the products and more. When I mentioned brain overloads I’m speaking of me overthinking. A lot of times during my research I learn more than what I intended and want to create so many other products. I start researching more and more until I just feel overwhelmed but its not exactly a bad feeling. I plan to turn these ideas into reality but I just need o learn to take my time and perfect each product one at at time. It just gets so exciting.

I feel like another reason it gets so excited is because this natural life is a journey for me as well. Its exciting learning the power of herbs, fruits, essential oils and much more. It's really a life changing experience for myself as well because I'm the one that tests these products out first!! Seeing results from natural ingredients that I put together is an amazing feeling.

As of now I’m learning about marketing, advertisement, and appearance. I am working on things to change to grab the attention of more people to further my brand. I have so many ideas and changes that I want to make within my business. Business is kind of slow right now but I did expect this to come at some point. I figured I’d use this time to make the changes I feel my business will benefit from and do more relevant research. I must say I am proud of myself for not becoming discouraged during this time. I’m really just proud of how far I’ve come within 6 months and I just can’t wait to see what the next 6 months will look like for me.

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